Reshma Sohoni

Reshma Sohoni

5. März 2019

Reshma Sohoni is the co-founder of Seedcamp.

Reshma Sohoni is the co-founder of Seedcamp

As one of the most important women in Europe’s startup and technology ecosystem, Reshma Sohoni works with founders of 300 portfolio companies and interacts with around 3000 startup founders every single year.

Reshma founded Seedcamp in 2007, creating a diverse team of founders, makers, operators, executors, investors and tech-enthusiasts who actively promote early-stage tech. In the 11 years since founding, Seedcamp has amassed 300 portfolio companies and works with over 3000 companies a year, representing some of the best investments in early-stage tech companies across Europe and playing a pivotal role in getting the European tech ecosystem to the place it is today.

Reshma is an energetic, engaging and eternally optimistic. Throughout this conversation, Isa, David and Reshma delve deep into these core characteristics and explore how they’ve helped Reshma leverage every opportunity afforded to her, and she now helps others to do the same. Our conversation includes tips on:

  • Reshma’s key life skills of optimism, people pleasing and pragmatism – and why they’re so important for leveraging opportunity:
  • What she looks for in successful founders: “grit, perseverance and hustle!” and patterns she sees in successful founders
  • How to network your time effectively within different people power dynamics

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This conversation was recorded with a live audience in Berlin.

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