#45 – How Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase is creating a world she wants to live in

#45 – How Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase is creating a world she wants to live in

19. Februar 2019

Robin Chase is the co-founder of Zipcar and the author of Peers Inc.

About Robin

Robin is a serial entrepreneur within the mobility and transportation sectors with a special focus on sustainability. Her mantra is to “everyday, create the world you want to live in”, meaning she’s helping to create cities that are livable, environmentally sound, and full of joy for all who pass through them.

Working closely at the intersectionality of transportation and climate change, Robin is a passionate advocate of our environmental impact. Since 2000, Zipcar has lowered CO2 emissions by 1.6 billion lbs per year and taken away the need for more than 415,000 privately owned cars. Her new initiative, The New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO) continues to further the aim of creating cities where the new normal is both sustainable and livable.

In this far-reaching conversation Robin had a lot to say on how she manages her personal commitment to creating more sustainable futures whilst recognising the immensity of the task at hand and our chat with Robin is full of advice on:

  • Ways to be impactful within a very complex global problem
  • Why diversity and thinking of your “single and best use” are the most powerful tools
  • Adapting and continuing to learn over time
  • Why we’re all role models to each other and so need to hold ourselves accountable

It’s a great episode for anyone interested in effecting a positive global change and if you’re interested in platform companies such as Zipcar, or how to go about building them, check out Robin’s new book, Peers Inc.

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Read about the New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO): https://www.numo.global/
And check out the Shared Mobility Principles for living: https://www.sharedmobilityprinciples.org/

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