#40 – Seed.com founder Ara Kratz on finding your path without following the recipe

#40 – Seed.com founder Ara Kratz on finding your path without following the recipe

16. Oktober 2018

Ara Kratz is the founder of seed.com

About Ara

Ara Kratz is the founder of seed.com

Newly launched in June 2018, seed.com is a science-based company that supports health, wellness and wellbeing through the application of microbiome science in people’s everyday lives. Seed.com has succeeded not just in translating science into a beautiful product, but in translating science, period. seed.com is currently setting the gold standard in a future where microbes play an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

Talking to Ara so soon after seed.com’s launch provided the perfect springboard into conversations about the dynamism of the post-launch period. This includes:

  • What to expect straight after launching
  • How the months that follow are about rediscovering the why you created the product in the first place.

Elsewhere, Ara also shares her valuable experience in:

  • Storytelling – the mechanics of what makes a good/bad story and storyteller
  • Tips on how to meet people where they are when launching a complex product
  • How to balance the detail as well as the bigger picture when in startup mode

Find out more about Seed’s products and mission at: http://www.seed.com

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seed/

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