#37 – How to cultivate your own leadership style with executive coach Carolyn Coughlin

#37 – How to cultivate your own leadership style with executive coach Carolyn Coughlin

26. Juni 2018

Carolyn Coughlin is an executive coach, facilitator, and leadership development specialist.

About Carolyn

Carolyn’s journey began as a management consultant first at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and later at McKinsey & Co. She was introduced to the idea of adult development shortly after leaving the corporate world 15 years ago, and instantly felt passionate about helping people not only to grow into their biggest selves, but also to live as fully as they can.

Throughout all of her work, Carolyn acts as a coach for executives struggling to navigate new or different career situations and in particular, has a keen interest in encouraging more women to step into leadership positions. With her fellow Cultivating Leadership partner Jennifer, Carolyn co-designed and runs the Growth Edge Certification series – a developmentally-oriented coaching platform that helps people find the right coach alongside helping coaches expand their knowledge in the developmental coaching area.

Key to Carolyn’s work are two core philosophies of:

  • Cultivating leadership by offering skills that are immediately useful as well as developmental in nature.
  • Seeing leadership as a series of habits that are both self-reinforcing and contagious.

In this episode Carolyn expands on both of these principles and shows us how we can all create a “self-authored” leadership voice that moves us away from reinforcing feedback loops that could potentially be holding us back. We also touch on topics including:

  • Why the key to deep listening is curiosity
  • Why we need to ask different (not better) questions of ourselves
  • How we can all escape reinforcing feedback loops
  • Why we’re so hard on our leaders!

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Developmentally-oriented coaching: https://www.growthedgecoaching.com/

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