#34 – How to make resilience and adversity your friend with author Ama Marston

#34 – How to make resilience and adversity your friend with author Ama Marston

15. Mai 2018

Ama Marston is the author of “Type R - Transformative resilience for thriving in a turbulent world” and a thought leader on the topic of “transformative resilience”.

About Ama

In today’s world we’ve become ever-more focused on “bouncing back” and “recovering” from periods of stress, adversity and resilience. But Ama is reframing the ways we talk and understand these challenges, so that we can use them to our advantage.

“Adversity is a terrible thing to waste” she says, and by helping us to check our default settings, Ama gives us the tools and capacity to make challenging situations a point from which to grow and innovate through her book and extensive work.

In this episode of the Role Models podcast, Ama and I discuss, amongst other things:

  • How she defines resilience and what she means with transformative resilience
  • What she calls Type R and what the characteristics are of someone who demonstrates these Type R characteristics.
  • About the Type R mindset and how we can turn this mindset into action when faced with a crisis.

Ama also dives deep into the common themes shared by Type R identifiers including:

  • Adaptability
  • Having a healthy mindset to control
  • Continual learning
  • Having a deeper sense of purpose
  • Leveraging support
  • Actively engaging

As well as all the ways we can learn to leverage support in periods of stress. If you’re keen to find out how we can live and work better as well as be more thoughtful in the world, this episode will be an invaluable learning curve for you.

Take the “Type R” assessment and find out more: http://type-r-resilience.com/
Follow Ama on Twitter: @amamarston

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