#33 – Refinery 29’s Amy Emmerich on how to hustle (positively)!

#33 – Refinery 29’s Amy Emmerich on how to hustle (positively)!

10. April 2018

In our first ever live episode recorded at Hamburg’s OMR Festival, we speak to Amy Emmerich - Chief Content Officer at Refinery29.

About Amy

As Chief Content Officer, Amy oversees all Refinery29 content with an audience footprint of over 500 million. During her time in leadership with the platform, Refinery29 has launched numerous successful franchises and content brands; as well as scoring exclusives with leading female voices including Cecile Richards.

This success is thanks in part to Amy’s 20 years of experience developing content and programming, and in producer roles for platforms including MTV, HBO, Travel Channel, and Vice Media. As an Emmy award-winning producer she has worked across a wide variety of platforms to create and sustain a lasting dialogue about what matters most to a new generation of powerful women.

Amy’s success is also thanks to her unique career path and she’s forged her way through traditional media to progressive media by what she calls “positive hustling”. In this conversation we explore her philosophy, touching on many different subjects including:

  • Why, with hard work, you can get something out of every job
  • How to hustle positively and with kindness
  • How to make the most of opportunities when they’re granted to you
  • Why the people you meet now might take on different roles in the future

If you like this episode you can also catch up with Amy…
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Emmerschmidt
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/amyemmerich
Or by reading Refinery 29: http://www.refinery29.com

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