#31 – Reboot’s Ali Schultz on how to practice radical self inquiry and enhance your leadership

#31 – Reboot’s Ali Schultz on how to practice radical self inquiry and enhance your leadership

13. März 2018

Ali is Co-Founder and COO of Reboot.

About Ali

Reboot is first and foremost a coaching platform – a place where Ali and her team take on the mental models that CEOs and founders use to make decisions so that they can reaffirm their business relationships, enhance their leadership and greater practise resilience.

As a coach Ali is skilled in getting her clients to tap into their innermost sense of self to find the original source of their creativity, often helping them to tune into motivations they’d forgotten. To do this she draws on her 11 years experience working operationally managing projects, teams, and human resources at startups. During this time Ali met and worked with Jerry Colonna, and together they developed the first incarnations of the life-changing CEO Bootcamps that then went on to become the foundations of Reboot.

Nowadays the company offers coaching, mentoring and team experiences alongside its celebrated Bootcamps, and it has also launched a podcast to make its 360 degree coaching insights accessible to everyone.

In today’s episode Ali shares the unique foundations of Reboot’s Bootcamps and what we can all do to further ourselves professionally and creatively in the workplace. This is includes:

  • What “radical self inquiry” means and how to practise it
  • How to encourage and promote self awareness
  • The “Red, yellow, green” check-in exercise and how it resolves conflict
  • Why good listening skills and presence are essential and how to foster them

Ali has also had a long-lasting love of horses since her childhood and references this rider-horse relationship as an essential lesson in practicing connection and presence in “fight or flight” moments of stress. This understanding is something we touch on in the latter part of the episode, as well as how facilitated coaching takes these interpretations and places them in a human context to encourage trust and partnership.

To find out more about Ali’s great work head to:

The Reboot website: https://www.reboot.io/

The Reboot blog (and its infamous newsletters): http://www.reboot.io/blog

Twitter: http://twitter.com/manifestcookies

The Center for Collaborative Awareness: https://www.collaborativeawareness.com/

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