Miriam Meckel – Event #12

Miriam Meckel – Event #12

17. Juni 2016 – SoundCloud HQ

Miriam is the Chief Editor of German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche and has a background in TV journalism (WDR, RTL, Vox) as well as in academia and in politics. Miriam is also a published non-fiction and business book author.

About Miriam

In this far-reaching conversation, Isa and Miriam will discuss her career path, important choices she’s made along the way, and advice she’d share with her past self and the audience.

The event is free. Please consider buying a Rails Girls Supporter Ticket. 100% of the Rails Girls ticket proceeds will be donated to the RailsGirls Summer of Code initiative. If you choose this ticket, you’re supporting an amazing program that helps women develop programming skills and easier access the technology sector.

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