About us

About us

We’re on a mission to inspire the next generation of global leaders.

Role Models is a series of events and podcasts that captures and shares the stories from women we look up to.

In far-reaching conversations, we invite them to share what they’ve learned, what drives them, and what advice they can share about life and career.

Why we started Role Models

We started Role Models in April 2015 with the purpose of connecting the local tech and startup community in Berlin with women role models. What started as a series of local events has evolved into a global community of people connected around the idea that we can all learn from each other, and from those who have modeled the way in their respective fields.

Since our first event in April 2015, Role Models has hosted more than a dozen intimate live events. In May 2017, the series expanded by way of a weekly podcast that exists alongside the event series.

Who we are?

Role Models is a series of events podcasts created by Isa Sonnenfeld and David Noël.

Isabelle Sonnenfeld – Head of News Lab at Google for Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Isabelle works with journalists, publishers and media entrepreneurs to empower innovation in journalism. Prior to Google, she was the Head of News, Government and Politics at Twitter — Twitter’s first employee outside of the US, the UK, and Japan.

She is been an avid supporter of women’s groups driving a more diverse and inclusive culture in tech. She is a member and mentor of Berlin Geekettes, and supports the #FemaleFutureForce by Edition F as a coach.

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David Noël – former VP Community and Communications Director at SoundCloud

David is a former VP at SoundCloud. As one of the company’s earliest employees, he held  several roles in the music streaming company.

At SoundCloud he built and lead teams and initiatives in community and brand building, communications, and organizational culture. As an ally, David has been an active supporter of diversity & inclusion efforts, and is an active startup advisor and mentor.

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Role Models was originally started by Isabelle Sonnenfeld, David Noël, and Diana Kimball – who has now moved back to San Francisco while Isa and David are taking Role Models forward. Thank you, Diana!

Role Models wouldn’t be possible without these great humans who help behind the scenes:

Editorial support by Kate Lewin.

Visual Design by Katrin Bohlinger.

Event photography by Kerstin Musl.

Website created and developed by SUPERNOVÆ.

Illustrations by Nadine Roßa.